Illustration of woman holding watering can in greenhouse

Lost the Plot

‘Lost the Plot’ was a project I pitched in my second year of University, which was successfully picked to be developed further. I came up with the storyline and the film’s illustrative design.

Tag line: With the flower competition looming, Jealousy and competitive spirit drive old time rivals (Margaret & Carol) to the point of destruction, both ruining their chances of claiming the trophy.

Based on real stories featured on the BBC documentary ‘Allotment wars’ the animation aims to show a hidden side of gardeners. Subverting the greenhouse a place of serenity and escape into a battleground fulled with fierce competition with no mercy. In an escalating game of sabotage the ladies lose composure and sight of the competition and are reduced to fighting over the last flower.

Orange and Pink Flower Study
Green plant study
storyboard of Woman fighting
Woman staring with her arms folded
Initial character designs
Worksheet looking at Vogue magazine covers
Technical turnaround of Margaret
Technical turnaround of Carol
Margaret in different poses
Carol in different poses