About Me

Concept Artist – Animator – Illustrator – Art Director – Set designer

Hello! My name is Lucy Redman. Having graduated this summer with a first class honour in animation and visual effects at Falmouth University, I am set on pursuing a career as an animator and designer. I am currently freelancing however I am eagerly looking to join a studio. 

My love for motion whilst not quite realised, started at school with my obsession for drawing and painting triptychs. Seeing things in series rather than single images later determined my need to make things move on screen and my love for animation.

I have worked as a freelance director and motion graphics animator for ‘Mayn Creative’ creating a multimedia video for the ‘FX Plus’ highlighting their visions and values. I have also worked on the BBC 4 animated short ’Slug Life’, as an animator, clean up artist and colourist for director Sophie Koko Gate.

I am very confident working on photoshop having acquired an AQA qualification, and work fluently across After Effects, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, TV Paint and WordPress. I enjoy expanding my range of artistic tools and take on the challenge of learning new software with enthusiasm.

Outside of the studio

Outside of Animation I enjoy expressing my creativity in any form, whether its  volunteering at my local fair face-painting, book binding, photography or attending life drawing classes. Being artistic is engraved in my personality, and I find it impossible to turn off when it comes to thinking of new ideas and being inspired.

Whilst studying in Cornwall I have been lucky enough to be part of the sea swimming society and have just about learnt how to surf.